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About Us

DRMT is located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in Devon, AB.  With 2200 hours of training and several years of experience in massage therapy, your therapist is fully qualified to treat a variety of conditions. 

Special attention is given to postural alignment and remedial exercise. Your therapist is trained to teach both Mat Pilates and dance (classical and modern) and so has a very special understanding of how your movement and posture affect the way you feel, and will help you learn more about the causes of your pain and discomfort.

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

This is  a special treatment that softens and soothes sore, tired muscles by gliding smooth hot stones along them. Smaller stones are used to work deeper into the soft tissues, allowing the therapist to loosen and repair knotted muscle fibres.

Relaxation Massage

Melt away stress and tension during a soothing relaxation massage. Feel your muscles loosening up and your breathing become more rhythmic  while you listen to the sounds of soft, ethereal music.

Deep Tissue and Therapeutic

Deep tissue and therapeutic massage tend to work more deeply into the muscles to loosen knots and taut bands of tissue that are causing you to feel pain. 

If you suffer from sore, aching neck & shoulders; chronic pain (including fibromyalgia),  low back pain, or sciatica, we will work together to help you feel better.

Foot Massage

Your feet are at the base of your body; you know that, but did you realize that foot pain can travel up into other areas, causing knee, hip, back, and even neck pain?
Every part of your body works together with every other part to help you function well, and a good foot massage will help you to feel and move better overall. 

Fees & Payment

All massages at DRMT are covered by your health care benefits.
Direct billing is available for Blue Cross, Great West Life and many others. Please bring your health care benefits card to your first appointment, and we will do the rest.

Otherwise, payment is by cash or direct debit. You will be given a receipt with all necessary information for reimbursement from your health care insurance. 


Relaxation, therapeutic, or foot massage:

$70 -  1 hour

$100 - 1.5 hour

$40 - .5 hour

     (Please note that half hour massage is only available after your first massage)

Hot Stone

$100 - 1 hour

$130 - 1.5 hour

(Please note that some conditions are contraindicated for hot stone massage). 

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Devon Riverview Massage Therapy

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